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15 mars 2008 6 15 /03 /mars /2008 16:09





Pe. Tiago Jacques Hahusseau 
Caixa Postal 163 
69301370 - BOA VISTA / RR 
E-mail: @ yahoo.com.br tiago.roraima Boa Vista in December 2010-12-04 

Dear Parents and Friends, 
 The Christmas lights are already lit. The holidays are approaching and approaching us! ... The year ends. I'm glad to see you to give you some news and tell you, with all parents and friends who love you: 
"Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! ... " 
 While European countries are caught by the snow and cold, the sun here redoubled ardor. We prepare Christmas in shirtsleeves ... but the heart and mind united with you! 
 Again, everything takes on a festive air and make our neighborhoods of color ... The colorful garlands brighten the simplicity and poverty of the houses. Santa Claus (dressed for cold weather ...) also invites himself to the party, held hostage to a few commercial centers of downtown, which call for "good business". "Christmas-consumer" is also present! Our neighborhood residents, migrants from northeastern Brazil, are the accounts to see who will go this year, visiting relatives and friends back ... there! Difficult to leave the whole family together! The means of transport are limited and places are expensive. Christmas is here, but the heart is often elsewhere for migrant people. With them, gradually learning to take root in this area of ​​adoption. We must live and work, despite the difficulties of a world under construction. 
 Faster than the time of Emperor Augustus, at the time of Jesus, Brazil comes to identify his whole world. No need to move, everything has been done at home with trained staff.The results of the census 2010 will be known gradually. But we already learned that Roraima is the 2nd state in Brazil in population growth: 451,230 inhabitants records, in an area of ​​224,300 km. There should be room for everyone ... and yet the land conflicts exist! 76% of the population is concentrated in Boa Vista. Diverse population: civil servants, traders, rural, Indians ... etc. .... Each "bairro" has its characteristics, its history, according to its origins and social class of those who inhabit it. Our ministry takes this diversity into account urban and spreads among Indian populations and rural interior ... A new world is being born and organize. 
 I always work with the CPT (Pastoral Land Commission). Our coordination team has been enriched by the presence of a nun and Pedro, a young priest in the diocese. Our work is oriented towards supporting family farming, agro-ecology, that produces food for the majority of Brazilians, and fight to keep people on their land, avoiding the temptation to drift to the cities. At the same time, develops fast, the other macro-agriculture, industrial, macro-economy. " She never enough land to produce and export soy, "New bio-fuels" etc ... needed elsewhere ... Some companies organize and share these new markets that are upsetting the delicate balance of our rural families. The trend is toward depopulation. Conflict of interest! ... Conflicts of land! Another way of thinking, produce, live and counting! . CCFD long since we opened our eyes to this reality that challenges our Christian conscience. What development? in what world? for what future? ... The CPT, with the support of much of Bishops of Brazil, continues his prophetic mission: to announce, denounce, to support small and poor of this earth. Our human and economic resources are reduced. Thank you all, parents and friends who give us your help to resist and act! 

 You know, Brazil has just elected Dilma, President of Brazil. For the I time a woman is president of the country. It ensures the continuity of the Lula government that chose him and gave his total support. Brazil will thus continue its rapid growth, a source of wealth but also inequality. It "builds" on one side, but the other is impoverished as a result of their political alliances which impose constraints within the Government. Concentrate the wealth produced, and the continuing situation difficult for the poor: health, work, school, etc. ... Real bad problems solved! Despite real progress in social gaps are widening between social classes. (8, 5% of Brazilians still live in extreme poverty .... Brazil is 73 ° for his country's Human Development Index ..). Like Lula, Dilma will try to correct the trajectory by multiplying and diversifying as aid for impoverished and abused by the rapid development ... Profound changes are still needed ... Everywhere, the "drug" becomes currency exchange, "social relations" and dangerous perversion of a world without a future. Live without violence in the favelas of Rio, Boa Vista also suffers the consequences of drug that is spreading like a cancer. The prisons are full of young victims of this scourge that marginalizes and kills! The ministry continues to work with the Pastoral Team of the prison. The Church of Brazil continues his prophetic mission in the service of Justice and Peace, in this hemisphere where the faith of Christians said with new demands that we learn to realize in the everyday life of our Communities. 

Here are some news. I'm fine for the most part. We live different realities of yours. But Christmas brings us to globalize our Hope and revitalize our lives. "Another world is possible! 
It's Christmas ... God teaches us to keep our feet on the ground and open our eyes and our hearts 
"Glory to God! Peace on earth! ! 
 "Gods and men! Here also we talked about this movie. "Star" shining in the sky of our media world perplexed. Surprising success of these monks who gave their lives for Truth, Justice, Love, true heirs of the Child of Bethlehem, "house of bread"! Jesus teaches us to share the bread, sharing life. It's Christmas! 
May Peace and Joy of Christmas be bright and that our communion Hope! 
 Maybe we'll have the joy we find this next year? 
 To each of you, parents and friends, 
 At each of your families 
 My greeting of "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" 
 My prayer and my fraternal friendship with you 
 Pe Jacques Hahusseau 

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La pluie qui rend heureux à Sao Sabestao de Boa Vista, sur l'Amazone






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