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2 mars 2008 7 02 /03 /mars /2008 06:45


At the funeral of my father, April 11, 2011, Florence Ssereo group member Partenia 75 / Ile de France and corresponding level of this new blog, paid tribute to Lucien Warenghem. Without naming Partenia, it noted some of our features: "The smile is a universal language and home without borders." 

Gerard Warenghem 


Tribute to Bon Papa

during the funeral Mass (Chartres, April 11, 2011)


Warenghem dear family, 

Thank you for giving me the floor • On behalf of present and absent friends here, I join you in expressing my profound sorrow and heartfelt condolences. 

Noah built an ark, a good father and good mother you have built an ark: the ark of Warenghem where people of different nationalities replace the various animals. 

• It is with great pleasure that we went to your house, then in Hesdin l'Abbé in Chartres.Looking for good home dad and grandmother as the "house mother -" Warenghem, Warenghem other houses are distributed throughout France: in the Figuerolles, Lille, Orléans, Magny ... These homes are a community, a network of relationships based on friendship, love, and solidarity relations that go beyond mere blood ties. And in all these houses, you can find a piece of Africa, objects such as dolls Ethiopian, a dvd of Gabon, Uganda, etc.. The smile is a universal language and home without borders. 

• Well Dad you taught us that we must welcome strangers with a smile: thus we have become members of your family. Indeed, there are two types and families: the family blood and we do not choose a family based on friendship, the sharing that goes beyond all cultural differences. And so today, the family has expanded Warenghem example in Africa. 

• Your four children now have sisters and brothers from different cultures. It is through your travel through your work at the station that you have open mind, you have to treat the stranger as a brother, a friend. 

• Your son Gerard, for his vocation as a missionary had to leave France for Gabon ... ... We are the fruits of these trips, all united by the values ​​cultivated by Warenghem. Good daddy you are now the grandfather, the great grandfather of French children, Gabon, Uganda, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast ... 

• Before closing, I remember you loved honey and each time we came from abroad, we thought to make thee. Thus, without travel, countries have come to you. 

Warenghem dear family, dear friends, I invite you to find the strength and courage to continue to do what dad loved to do: smile, play scrabble, honey ... and to ensure continuity of its values ​​through a friendship without borders, thus enabling them to continue to grow this Warenghem ark. 

With these words, I would say Good Dad, he will remain forever in our lives, our thoughts and in our hearts. 

Florence Ssereo 







  A Hesdin l'Abbé






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