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Posted by Jose Marie, Canada 
                                                THE BIRD-MAIL IMAGES 


For the Courier-Pen Pictures I'm involved here is some information but there is little new in the year, except the addition of some new schools or training offered to volunteers: the mourning bullying prevention lures computer etc.. 
Last year we responded to 3,000 letters from 9 schools. This year, two others must be added. We are a score of volunteers supervised by a responsible paid by the local Family Center. 
We manufacture hand-writing paper and envelopes decorated (by drawing) for youth and answer their letters. If cases require special assistance intervention we stick to the bottom of our response, a blue feather (need met) or yellow (urgent case) that the child's mission is to provide a stakeholder in its relationships with school link with us. This involved the meet discreetly. 
If the situation is really at risk (incest, signs of suicidal tendencies, violence), a telephone call is made to the school principal who appoints an appropriate speaker (psychologist, social worker ...) to return in discreet contact with the child as much as possible without mentioning our intervention. For these cases, the law requires us to notify a competent authority the danger to the child, confidentiality does not for these cases and rightly ... 

  Canada's Marie-Josée




Description Of E-Pen Pictures as described by the agency of the Family Center:


The Courier-Pen Pictures
What is the service
The Courier-Pen Pictures offers connecting service between elementary school students and adult volunteers. The service provides young people an opportunity to interact with adults on one or more topics of their choice. They are encouraged to ask questions, tell a happy or sad event and share everything about their wishes to heart.This service already exists in some quarters of Quebec for several years and has proven to children, to meet their needs, and that pleasure is in order. The Courier-Pen Pictures, 8 schools in the region of the Mills have joined our service.

Objectives mail
The Courier-Pen Pictures offers young people a listening service and place of speech to children. It promotes recognition of the skills of the child therefore, improve self-esteem and thus making room for hope.

Prevention and communication among parents / children
For this preventive service, the Courier-Pen Pictures wants to foster communication between parents and children. Thus, in responses to young people, they are invited, if they wish to continue the exchange on the contents of the letter with their parents.

A confidential letter
The contents of the letter is confidential. There is even a letter back. Parents of young people are informed about the service and must inform the school if they do not want their child to participate.

Who is the service
Initially, the service is intended for elementary school children from 5 to 12 years. A mailbox, is prominently placed in a strategic location of the school. Mail delivery is done by the teacher. It delivers the mail in the students' desks when they are at recess or before they begin their days (confidentiality).

Who responds to the COURIER
Adult women and men, some are parents and / or professionals who respond to letters from young people. They were previously trained to perform this function. These people use their first name when signing letters.

The contribution of school
The school's role is indispensable in the realization of this service. The school principal, the school board and teachers are involved. However, it is the responsibility of the service who go to school, class by class to know the youth service. This is called \ "The Recovery \ "....


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